When is it a good idea to use a Dianabol cycle?

There are a few different time periods in which a Dianabol cycle can pay dividends. The most common time to do a Dianabol cycle is when you want to jump-start a brand new cycle. Another great time for a Dianabol Cycle is when you want to break through a sticking point or plateau. Both of these time periods of use will take place in an off-season bulking cycle. The next recommended time to cycle would be during a cutting phase take note however, this period of use is fairly uncommon. The last method of cycling we will discuss is a technique called bridging which is the period of use between cycles. Let’s discuss each one of these cycle recommendations in more detail.
Using a Dianabol cycle to jump-start a new cycle is a great way to get started on a hugely positive note. Athletes would be using a Dianabol cycle at the very beginning of an new steroid cycle, typically in the first six to eight weeks. The concept is rather simple; to provide fast and massive gains early on while the more slowly performing injectable steroids are building up in your system. This is one of the best and most popular ways to begin any bulking cycle provide the use of slow acting injectables are also used.

The second most popular time to use a Dianabol cycle is when you have come to a sticking point in your cycle. At some point during your steroid cycle you will hit a sticking point where your progress slows down. At this point it is a recommend that you make some changes to get back on track. Some like to increase the dosages of their cocktail, others like to add something to the current plan. If you want to smash through this sticking point adding Dianabol will help you do just that. Even though Dianabol is legendary for jump-starting a cycle many athletes believe it is even more effective for breaking through sticking points. Keep in mind however, if you jump start your cycle with Dianabol you would not want to use it to break through a sticking point on the same cycle. Using a steroid like Winstrol Depot would work instead. You would typically want to space out your use for at least six to eight week apart.
Even though Dianabol is not often considered to be a cutting steroid, it can serve a purpose. Dianabol is a significant size and strength preserving agent. Since size and strength are often sacrificed while dieting a Dianabol cycle can serve an important function of protecting them. It can also be used to maintain a more voluminous look early in a diet and also help by improving your metabolic rate. However, if you’re getting close to a bodybuilding competition, you don’t want to use Dianabol because of the water issues that can happen.

The period of steroid use between cycles is called bridging. At the end of a steroid cycle, instead of coming off completely, you cycle a low dosage of a steroid until the time you begin your next “real” cycle. This is a great time to run a Dianabol cycle. You would do this to preserve your progress and gains, and the bridging technique can be very beneficial when done properly. Just make sure you keep your Dianabol dose low so you don’t suppress your body’s natural production of Testosterone and you end up in a bad situation before you begin your next cycle.