Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is unmatched in its ability to enhance virtually any physique making it one of the best steroids for pure power and massive size. Not surprisingly, any powerful drug will come with issues: negative effects do exist. However, they can be mitigated or eliminated with a little moderation and responsibility. But that’s not why we’re writing this article today. Today, we want to concentrate on the positive effects of Dianabol, and let athletes know what you should expect.

The positive effects of Dianabol on mass building is nothing short of amazing. No other steroid out there compares to the use of Dianabol when it comes to building mass quickly. Many athletes misunderstand dosing protocols, and claim other orals like Anadrol or Testoviron are more powerful drug for building mass. However, when you compare the two on a milligram basis Dbol is clearly more powerful. It is common to see gains of twenty pounds or more in only five weeks. Now, most of this weight gain can be water, if you don’t manage it. If you are able to manage the water retention, you will still build a massive amount of lean tissue. It’s impossible to say how much, but Dianabol will help you gain more mass at a faster pace than any other anabolic steroid on the market.

The effects of Dianabol on strength can be outstanding. Because of its hepatoxic (liver damaging) characteristics it can only be used for shorter cycle periods. Nevertheless, it will not take long to see an increase in strength. Athletes who consume a higher-than-normal calorie diet may see their strength noticeably increase in just a couple of weeks. Even those on maintenance-calorie diets have reported dramatic strength increase as an effect of Dianabol. This effect of Dianabol comes from its ability to improve glycogenolysis and provide more energy via carbohydrate consumption. Improved protein assimilation also plays an important part but bottom line, it’s all about increased strength.

There are some surprising effects Dianabol can have on athleticism. Even though it is considered primarily as a bodybuilding steroid, D bol is actually a terrific steroid for enhancing athleticism. Whether or not it is the right choice depends greatly on your specific goals. After all if you remember, Dianabol was originally created to enhance athleticism in Olympic athletes. Many athletes worry about the mass gain associated with Dianabol, but that can be successfully managed through diet. When it comes to power and strength, the use of Dianabol for any athlete can mean explosive speed and increased endurance that can be the difference between a first place or last place.

What to Expect:

First and foremost, the number one effect of Dianabol is muscle growth. However, Dianabol is not a magic pill you still have to put in time at the gym and maintain proper nutrition. The results you achieve are largely dependent on carbohydrate and protein consumption. If you don’t provide adequate calories to feed the growth that Dianabol facilitates, that growth will fail to occur. Of course, one of the main side effects of Dianabol being water retention, some of this growth will be water weight. This water retention is a side effect caused by aromatization, and can be mitigated by supplementing with an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex.

Another positive effects of Dianabol include an increase in lean tissue and physical power. It is such a effective steroid it can still provide dramatic increases in power, even when calorie consumption is cut to a maintenance or even deficit-level.